The booking-system

The net costs for joining Châteaux de Prestige are zero. But there is an explanation to it which is rather important.

Setting up the booking-system is done per château. The number of rooms, the type of rooms, the beginning and the end of every season and much more elements are to be implemented. And also the booking-system needs to fit the style of your website.

We don’t mind paying for that, but as it costs around 700 euro per location at for example 250 châteaux it is a substantial financial burden.  Still not that much of a problem, but we need to know that we invest our time, money and energy wisely.

The use of the booking-system costs you 15 euro per month, excluding taxes, and is payable per 12 months in advance. That helps us to cover our investment a bit. But we also make sure you get this money back.

On the first two bookings of every month you receive you will not be asked to pay the booking-fee the client has paid you to us. That way you will have your 180 euro’s back after six months.