Châteaux de Prestige aims to provide her guests with the very best. Châteaux which breath history, have the right ambiance, are well maintained and are surrounded by a beautiful garden or park.

We do understand if a roof needs some small repairs, and we also do know that many other aspects may not all be up to date. So we are not looking for perfection, but the châteaux we add to our portfolio must be as close as possible to it.

Rooms & suites

Every room or suite has to have a bathroom with a toilet, and a shower or a bath. Rooms which have a shared bathroom are not a problem but will not be counted as usuable units.


Your château has to be in an excellent or close to excellent condition, where besides the regular maintenance and possibly some odd jobs there are no major technical issues.


Your château is in a location where no windmills, industry, horizon-pollution, traffic or any other nuisance can be seen or heard. A château can be, for example, on the edge of a town or alongside a road, as long as the château itself is not bothered by it in terms of view or sound or smell.

Gardens & terrain

Gardens and terrains have to be well maintained, and in no case is the terrain available to guests smaller than two acres.

Communal roads

No communal or other roads cross the property, nor is there any right of any third party to use paths or roads to and from another property. If, for example, a farmer needs to go to and from his fields using roads on the property which is done only a limited number of times per year we do not regard this a problem.


Although it is nowadays impossible not to have planes fly over your property we are not interested in properties where airplanes have a route to or from an nearby airport where the route by the time plans come over their noise can be considered a nuisance to our guests.